Sample Bill
Meter Read Details Line Item Charges Current Supplier Charges Total Balance Due Usage Details Price to Compare (PTC) Rate Riders and Other charges

Meter Read Details

When you add up the two Service Period usage amounts you get the total kWh usage for the month. The total amount is again show in Section 3 under Generation Supplier Charges.

Line Item Charges

For the AEP Ohio territory the utility uses Service Delivery Identifier to track your account. This is important when you are Opting Out or Opting In to the program and when you are calling customer service for assistance

Note too that there is NOT a “Generation Service” charge on your bill when the account is being service by a Supplier. Generation Service will be listed if you are being served by AEP Ohio.

Moves high voltage electricity from the generation sites over long distances to substations closer to areas of demand for electricity. You may recognize transmission lines as the larger, taller poles/towers carrying many wires over longer distances.

Reduced to lower voltage levels by electricity distributors before it can be delivered to a residence or business. Power, specifically the voltage level, sent through transmission lines is reduced, or "stepped down," via transformers and sent through distribution lines, which are then connected to homes and businesses.

Customer Charge
The fixed monthly basic distribution charge to partially cover cost for billing, meter reading, service line maintenance and equipment.

Current Supplier Charges

This section shows the Supplier charges (“Generation”) when you have an alternative supplier to using the utilities default service.

In the case of the Clean Energy Columbus AEP Energy will be shown. AEP Energy is an alternative supplier to the utility AEP Ohio (they are separate companies. AEP Energy is a supplier and AEP Ohio is the utility).

Total Balance Due

The total amount owed which will be paid to the utility AEP Ohio. AEP Ohio is responsible for forwarding on your payment to the Supplier.

Usage Details

Here you can find your historical usage for the pervious 12-months. Page one of your statement shows this information in a chart format.

Also you’ll find Average Monthly usage. This can be used too when considering solar energy for your home.

Price to Compare (PTC)

If you want to know what the default rate with the utility is compared to the rate being paid with the Supplier of choice you can find that here. The PTC is normally in bold. Please note the PTC price here is simply an example, and not necessarily reflective of the current PTC, which can vary throughout the year.

Rate Riders and Other charges

The utility, along with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) frequently approve and adjust charges that we the rate customers pay through their bill. The utility provides description of the charges and estimates how the new charges affect your billing.