About Clean Energy Columbus

Clean Energy Columbus is the City of Columbus’ community choice aggregation program, providing cleaner energy and competitive rates for residents and small businesses in Columbus. With the ambitious goal for our community to be carbon neutral by 2050 – to ensure health, vibrant neighborhoods and community for generations to come - Clean Energy Columbus plays a big role in creating our sustainable future. Community Choice Aggregation is the process through which the City of Columbus contracts for energy on behalf of its residents and small businesses. Through two separate competitive bid processes, the City has contracted with Trebel Energy to consult and manage the program and with AEP Energy to provide 100% Ohio-based clean energy and supply the Clean Energy Columbus Program and small business.

Clean Energy Columbus contracts for energy on behalf of residents and small businesses, which allows us to keep our prices competitive and stable.

Clean Energy Columbus supports our community right here in Columbus and across Ohio. As a City program, Clean Energy Columbus is accountable and transparent to residents and participation is voluntary.

Clean Energy & Health

100% Ohio based clean energy means cleaner air and a healthier community

Local Investments

We reinvest in our communities hit hardest by climate change, supporting energy efficiency and access to good paying jobs