Clean Energy Columbus Ends Year with $19 Million in Savings for Residents

Clean Energy Columbus is ending 2023 strong. The program has great participation and is delivering big cost savings for residents. Clean Energy Columbus has provided over $19 million in savings to Columbus residents this year. It is currently providing a savings of about $25 per bill.

There are over 190,000 households participating in the program – by far the largest aggregation in Ohio. This shows Columbus’ commitment to positively impacting the environment and adopting clean energy. Since the program began in 2021, residents have used over 4 billion kWh of clean energy. That is equal to removing the pollution from over 400,000 gas-powered cars driven for a year.

Additionally, the City of Columbus used $500,000 in community grant funding from Clean Energy Columbus. It is funding a low-income Solar Co-Op with non-profits Solar United Neighbors and IMPACT Community Action. This pilot program provides solar and battery backup power to communities of color and low-income residents.

As we celebrate the success of Clean Energy Columbus, we must recognize the collective effort that has brought us this far. Our residents’ commitment to participating in the program shows that together, we can create a healthy community now and in the future.

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