Clean Energy Columbus: What is Community Choice Aggregation and How Does it Benefit You?

Since 2021, Clean Energy Columbus has provided 100% clean, renewable energy to power homes and small businesses through its Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program. But what exactly is CCA, and how does it benefit you?

Community Choice Aggregation is an energy purchasing model that gives communities decision-making power that matches their values and priorities, like choosing cleaner and more sustainable energy sources and receiving competitive prices.

In a CCA program, municipalities, counties, or groups of local governments join forces to aggregate the energy needs of residents and businesses. This collective buying power enables them to negotiate better terms for electricity and save their community members money.

In 2021, the Clean Energy Columbus CCA program took responsibility for buying renewable energy for its residents and local businesses, while AEP, the traditional utility company, continued to manage, deliver, and maintain the energy distribution infrastructure. Because the program is voluntary, residents have had a choice to opt out of the CCA program and instead receive energy directly from the utility. In 2023, residents who participated in the Clean Energy Columbus program saw savings of about $25 per bill.

Since its establishment, Clean Energy Columbus has empowered the community with sustainable and affordable energy through its Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program, not only providing renewable energy but also saving its residents and businesses money.

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