Selecting Community Choice Aggregation: A Guide for Columbus Residents

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is a program that empowers local governments to purchase energy for residents and small businesses within their communities. Through CCAs, communities can negotiate competitive rates with suppliers while prioritizing cleaner, greener power sources.

Clean Energy Columbus’ Community Choice Aggregation Program

The Clean Energy Columbus CCA was approved by voters on November 2nd, 2020. In June 2021, 100% clean energy at a more competitive rate began flowing to eligible residents and small businesses with the support of the City’s energy aggregation advisors, Trebel Energy, and a procurement agreement between the City of Columbus and AEP Energy.

Clean Energy Columbus Rates v. Utility AEP Ohio Price to Compare Rates

When evaluating whether to participate in Clean Energy Columbus’ CCA Program or to continue purchasing electricity from the local utility, AEP Ohio, it is a good idea to compare Clean Energy Columbus’ rate to the utility’s Price to Compare (PTC) rate.

For the upcoming Program Year 4, 06/2024-05/2025, Clean Energy Columbus’ rate is locked in at $0.06612 / kWh while AEP Ohio’s PTC rate is currently $0.0768 / kWh.


Your Potential Clean Energy Columbus Savings – Program Year 4 — 06/2024-05/2025
Average Household Savingsaverage household $7.20 per bill/$86.34 per year
Average Small Business Savingsaverage small business $24.47 per bill/$293.63 per year


It is also important to note that PTC rates change 3-4 times per year depending on energy market fluctuations. Locked-in and predictable rates with Clean Energy Columbus reduce the risk of spikes in energy prices during extreme cold or extreme heat.

Eligibility & Enrollment

Any Columbus resident or small business (utilizing 700,000 kWh annually or less) served by AEP Ohio can participate in the Clean Energy Columbus program without fees or contract commitments. Choosing Clean Energy Columbus ensures your electricity will be powered by clean, renewable energy at a competitive and stable price.

Participating in Clean Energy Columbus is easy. You can join at any time. You simply need to check your eligibility, you will then be redirected to the AEP Energy enrollment page. Alternatively, call AEP Energy at 877-726-0214 to check your eligibility and enroll.

You can enroll or opt-out at any time at no charge.


Clean Energy Columbus offers Columbus residents and small businesses a compelling opportunity to prioritize clean, renewable energy without sacrificing affordability or convenience.

With locked-in rates that save customers money compared to AEP Ohio’s Price to Compare rates, participating in Clean Energy Columbus’ CCA program supports sustainability and provides stability in an ever-changing energy market. By choosing Clean Energy Columbus, residents and businesses can take proactive steps towards a cleaner, greener future while enjoying predictable energy costs and contributing to a more sustainable community.