Understanding Clean Energy Columbus’ Impact on Your Energy Bill

Launched in June 2021 and now in its third year, Clean Energy Columbus has leveraged the community’s buying power to negotiate better rates, provide clean energy, and support a sustainable community. Clean Energy Columbus is delivering lower electricity rates than the traditional provider, and in 2023 residents saw an average cost savings of $25 per month per bill.

There is no additional work once an eligible Columbus resident is enrolled into the Clean Energy Columbus Program. Participants continue to receive one bill each month from AEP Ohio (the local utility) but the details in the bill for supply and generation will reflect the negotiated Clean Energy Columbus program rate and AEP Energy’s charges to deliver that electricity to your home or business. Program participants continue to make one payment to the utility the same way they always have. A program participant sample bill and guide to understanding your bill is available. Learn how to check your Eligibility or Rejoin.

With over 190,000 households participating in the program, it is by far the largest aggregation in Ohio. Clean Energy Columbus offers residents and small businesses a unique opportunity to take control of their energy future by prioritizing clean energy sources and promoting sustainability. Through the Clean Energy Columbus Program, residents can drive the transition toward cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy while saving money on their energy bills.